Recommendations For Safe Use is a service (hereinafter referred to as 'Nextwiser') of Waywiser Technologies GmbH in Giessen, Germany (hereinafter referred to as 'we').

The following measures help to ensure the security of the data you provide. We strongly recommend that you use the registration by email with activated two-factor authentication.

Registration via Facebook / Google Make sure that you have access to the email account specified on Facebook / Google, as you will need access to this email account to make changes to your account. Please log in to Facebook / Google only immediately before using our platform. Please also log out of Facebook / Google immediately after using our platform. Please make sure that you log off immediately after using Facebook / Google or services linked to these companies. Via and you can get an overview of currently logged in devices and services as well as information about the status and other security features of your Facebook / Google account. Alternatively, you can access your user account via the registration procedure 'Mail' by entering the email address stored on Facebook / Google.

Registration by email Please make sure that no third parties can access your email account. If you have created a password, you can use it as an alternative to logging on to our platform without having to prove access to the linked email account. Please remember your password well! If you lose your password, you can still log in by proving access to your email account. Changes to your user account, such as changing your email address, changing the login procedure or deleting your account, are only possible via the web interface using your password.

Registration and log-in by email with two factor authentication Access to your account is only possible via the password you have chosen in combination with the currently valid two-factor code. Registration via proof of access to the stored email address is not necessary. Memorize your password well and keep the secret key generated when activating the Two Factor Code in a safe place. Changes to the user account, such as changing the email address, changing the login procedure or deleting the account, can only be made via the web interface using your password together with the currently valid two-factor code. Only use a two-factor authentication application that you trust and do not execute the login on the same device on which you are running the two-factor authentication application.

Function 'Continue on other device' Only use a barcode scanner on the target device you trust. It is important that you do not leave your usage devices (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) unattended, especially if you are logged in to our portal. If you do not want to use this function, please set the login to 'Mail' and create a password. This comfort function will be deactivated then. We recommend the activation of the two-factor authentication in addition.